No Show & Late Policies

Payment Policy

My practice’s policy is to securely store a form of payment on file for all of your sessions. I am deeply committed to the therapeutic climate and want your therapeutic experience to be focused on you and your treatment goals.

By allowing you to use a credit or debit card, I can avoid taking time away from your therapeutic work to check you in and process payment. Additionally, I want patients focused on their clinical work before session, during session and after you leave – paying each week disrupts this process and can distract you from focusing on getting better. With this method each session you attend is 100% focused on treatment. Each visit you will receive an automated statement by email. Statements will show that you have paid for your services in full and are ready for you to forward to your insurance company if you wish to seek reimbursement.

I don’t bill insurance carriers directly; my practice model depends on spending more time with patients rather than insurance paperwork. This way so we can insure that your experience in therapy is 100% focused on your care, versus adding another party to the insurance billing process which slows things down and which distracts us from our clinical work... However I am glad to hear you have insurance and I strongly advocate for patients utilizing their benefits... each month I provide all of my patients with an insurance ready statement that they can use for reimbursement, I advise all new patients to call their insurance carrier to see what their out of network benefits may be. Many of my patients receive reimbursement for the services they have paid for.

Payment Rates

$400 per hour

New Evaluation (Child/Adolescent):  up to 90 minutes ($600)
New Evaluation (Adult): up to 90 minutes ($600)

Return Visits:  20-30 minutes ($200)

Phone calls:  Free and encouraged.  If a phone call lasts longer than 15 minutes it will then be considered a session and charged according to the hourly rate.