Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatry Testimonials

Jeanne V.

As a parent, you want to know that all avenues are investigated and that a caring and concerned person is at the helm of managing your child's mental health.  This person is Harrison Levine M.D.!  He has many awards and articles written about the amazing doctor he is, but we can tell you first hand.  He is a one of a kind physician.

We sought psychiatric help from more than 5-6 psychiatrists for our son before seeing Dr. Levine.  We wish we had known sooner that he would be all our son needed to get his life on track.  Our child has multiple medical and psychiatric diagnoses and Dr. Levine was concerned about each and every one.  He contacted, specialty physicians, pharmacists, and school personnel on our behalf to make sure our son's needs were met, and that he was able to function to his best ability.

It was a blessing to meet up with such a dedicated and caring physician.  Our questions were always answered, every phone call answered promptly, he is efficient and listened to our every concern and took initiative to follow through and was a true advocate.  Our son was able to open up regarding his issues and speak openly with Dr. Levine, something he had not felt comfortable doing in the past.  Dr. Levine looked at our son as a whole person and not just a kid with a psychiatric problem.  Our specialists and teachers also spoke highly of Dr. Levine and told us how valuable it was to have someone like Dr. Levine on our side, as his dedication and compassion were "unheard of".   We whole-heartedly agree!!   Our recommendation comes as no surprise, as our son has done very well under doctor Levine's care, as he had never done in the past.  We attribute that to the fact that Dr. Levine puts his patient's first and is willing to go an extra mile (or 10) to help his patient's thrive.   We highly recommend this physician, so that you too, can experience the success our son has!  Dr. Harrison Levine IS the best you'll find!!

Lori T.

I appreciate how Dr. Levine works with us to balance medication in a way that my son is able to focus, but still has his spirit.  I feel Dr. Levine really understands how important it is for a "kid to be a kid." Sometimes when I tell him something my sons are doing, he tells me "That's what boys do!"

Jan C.

My son loves seeing Dr. Levine.  Over the years, they have become very good friends.  Dr Levine is easy to talk to for both the parents and the child.  Dr. Levine's experience and expertise allows him to comprehend the nuances our children exhibit.  By his helping us to understand our children, we can help our child to live in a society which, for the most part, misunderstands them.  Dr. Levine knows that the psychiatric drugs prescribed for kids are BIG DEAL drugs with BIG DEAL side effects.  He will not over-medicate your child.  Have you ever had cause to wonder, who is the real kid underneath all those drugs he’s taking?  Guaranteed, he is a sparkly eyed, happy/sad/funny/mad wonderful kid with lots of personality.  Dr. Levine will prescribe your child only the medicine he needs to make his quality of life, and yours, better.  When you page or e-mail Dr. Levine with a concern, he gets back to you as quickly as he can.  He often shocks me with how quickly he responds.  No concern is petty to Dr. Levine.  If you have a concern, he’ll listen and help you with it.  My son’s life, and the rest of our families’ lives, took a definite uphill turn when Dr. Levine showed up in the Emergency Room at Children’s Hospital that day.  Yes, there were still ups and downs to weather, but we were stronger now, because we knew we had the unfailing support of an understanding and concerned doctor.  Today, my son is a high school graduate and is attending a wonderful college that has supports which meet his needs.  He is many miles from home (we really miss him), he is living in a dorm, he has a roommate, he is making his own decisions, right and wrong, and he is being responsible for the outcomes.  My son also has Dr. Levine’s contact information on his smart phone, and he knows that if he needs Dr. Levine’s advice, which he takes very earnestly, that he is only a phone call away. 

Erika W.,

Mother of Patient

Dr. Levine has been instrumental in treating my “out-of-the-box” child in an “out-of-the-box” way.  He carefully considers the whole child and does not shy away from a challenge.  We’ve been to several different doctors and returned to Dr. Levine.  He recognizes my child’s unique medical condition and has spared us endless months of “trial” treatments that we knew would fail before they even began.  He genuinely cares and really listens.  He understands the importance of “quality of life” – for my daughter, our family, & her caregivers - and is helping to give it to us all.

Mother of Patient

Dr. Levine has been a life saver for our family. His compassion, thoughtfulness, and gentle approach to treatment has opened up whole new worlds for our children. Because of the amazing care we have received from Dr. Levine, our children are thriving, happy, and able to live life to the fullest. 

Darin & Jennifer T,

Parents of Patient

We have been taking our son to see Dr. Levine for the past three years. He was able to provide help to our son quickly during a time he severely needed it.  We know our son wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn't for the help of Dr. Levine.  Dr. Levine offers a caring and compassionate approach to his patients. He also takes the time to listen, provides helpful insight to complex issues and takes the time to follow up to ensure treatment is effective. We are thankful we have found Dr. Levine and would recommend him to any patient needing psychiatric treatment. 

Mother of Patient

Dr. Levine displays immense care and concern not only during office time, but in his responses through email and phone calls. He goes above and beyond taking time to educate our family about the different medications our children are taking. In addition, his positive, supportive attitude, and loving approach conveys to our children that he really cares about them and wants the best for them. We had seen several psychiatrists before we were so lucky to find Dr. Levine. Our children struggled, and they were never a good fit for our family. Dr. Levine is respectful of our values, cares and listens to our needs, which is extremely important to our family.

Lisa H.

Dr. Levine turned our family's life right side up.  After seeing 4 other child psychiatrists who didn't understand my kids' anxiety disorders, Dr. Levine got them on the right medications and the right doses.  They are now functioning and happy after years of distress at home and at school.  I highly recommend him to everyone I know!

Kristy W

We are so glad we found Dr. Levine – he is very in-tune with his patient-he really listens and understands. He treated my son as an individual and with respect-as my son’s needs changed he responded with thoughtful and effective treatment. My son is doing great now. Thanks Dr. L.

Dorothy S.

Dr. Harrison Levine was referred to our family in the Spring of 2013 and said to be one of the best child psychiatrists in the Denver area. Since then, he has treated two of my children, age 10 and age 21. His medication treatment and Cognitive Behavioral therapy has been life-changing for both of my children as well as our family. Dr. Levine is personable, caring, down to earth, and extremely approachable. He is consistent in checking in with us any time there are changes to his prescribed medications, as well as taking calls if there are any concerns or questions. Working with Dr. Levine has been, by far, the best experience we have had with a Psychiatrist in Colorado. 

Corinne M.

Can't say enough good things about Dr. Levine. He is kind, direct, responsive, a great listener, and just all around an excellent doctor and person. Things get very stressful in a hurry when someone in your family needs mental health help, and Dr. Levine is definitely someone you want on your team.

Pam C.

Hi Dr. Levine. I just wanted to thank you for all your help. Nick and I are so fortunate to have found you. Maybe someone from the other side helped us find you., lol 😆. Seriously, I can’t express my gratitude. I feel like I’m in good hands for the first time in my life. Thank you 😊!!!